Online Seyahatsever misiniz?

How can i book a tour?
In our web site search the tour you want to book and just click on book button. That’s it!
Should I print something?
As all of our tours are online and live, you don’t need to print anything and you don’t need to show anything to anyone.
How much does it cost a private tour?
Unfortunately we don’t do any private tour, but if you let us know in advance, we can arrange it for you. we value our customers needs 🙂
What should I wear?
Wear anything you want and find a comfortable place and enjoy our tour.
What should I bring?
All of our tours are online, so you don’t need bring anything. maybe a relaxing coffee for yourself 🙂
What should I do for attending the tour?
First you need to have a Zoom account and then just check your emails 2 hours before the tour starts and follow link. yes we know, it is as easy as a selfie! 🙂
More Questions?
just drop us an email and let our team to assist you

Lisanslı Rehber misiniz?

Who can be guide in tourvidi?
We are accepting only the licensed guides, so if you have a license you can apply to create your tour. This is our policy to protect the guides in all around the world.
How can i create the tour?
After you register yourself as guide, you will have a personal guide space where you can create a tour or control the bookings for your tours
Do i need to pay?
It is totally free (for now). We want to help each other in these difficult times, this is why we are trying to keep the application free.
Why do i need to register as a guide?
Because in our system we ask each guide application to send us the guide license, in order that we know she/he is a licensed guide.
What Tourvidi is offering?
We know that the tourism is going down day by day and nobody is sure how much time it is going to be like this. So we have created a way for you to earn some extra here.
Who decides the tour?
Each guide decides his/her own tour dates, times and prices! You just need to inform us about which tour you are going to do, and the timing, that’s it!
The customers can contact me?
Yes the customers can contact you and ask questions about your tours
What do i need to do the tour?
You need to have a mobile phone(better camera better tour) and you need to have a stable internet connection.

İptal & Geri Ödeme

What is refund policy?
You know our tours are really cheap, so we can not refund the money but we give you a coupon which you can use it in future for any tour.
30 days money back guarantee?
we offer a coupon which you can use at any time 🙂